Input Output - State and National Analysis Program

User Comments

I have found IO-Snap to be useful both in practice and for research purposes. The software is easy to use and flexible. The methodology is documented and based on established practices in the academic literature. The IO-Snap multipliers that I have used fit my expectations and were supported by supplementary statistical analysis. IO-Snap’s low cost makes projects with small budgets and comparative analysis across regions feasible. I highly recommend IO-Snap for both researchers and practitioners alike. IO-Snap will be the first place I turn to in my future economic impact work.
Dan Rickman, Professor, Department of Economics, Oklahoma State University
I-O Snap is a great addition to the input-output data market. The software interface is straightforward, the data is fully accessible in standard I-O table format, and sufficient documentation is provided to verify the system’s standard I-O multipliers. The affordable price point also makes I-O Snap a welcome addition to the marketplace. Considering the fact that the system provides for comprehensive regionalization across all states and/or multi-state regions, the tool provides great value to researchers, consultants, and other customers.
David Kay, Lead Regional Economist, Wells Fargo & Company
I have found IO-Snap to be a very flexible platform for performing input-output analyses. I particularly appreciate the software’s broad regional coverage that allows us to assess economic impacts across multiple states, as well as the ability to edit the underlying data to customize our analysis.
Eric Bowen, Research Assistant Professor, Bureau of Business and Economic Research, West Virginia University
IO-Snap is a very welcome - and much needed - addition to the landscape of software for conducting regional economic impact analysis. It is powerful, flexible, and straightforward to use - importantly, it is also transparent, enabling users to get "under the hood" when designing, implementing, and evaluating their work. I find IO-Snap ideal for use in the classroom because it meets the needs of beginning and advanced students alike, enhancing learning outcomes for all. IO-Snap's accessibility and affordability are sure to place it at the forefront of the toolkit used by both partitioners and researchers engaged in economic impact analysis.
John I. Carruthers, Associate Professor of Regional Science, Department of City and Regional Planning, Cornell University